How to get a quality outcome in your new home or unit Pty Ltd means peace of mind for investors in new homes and units by being their eyes and speaking on their behalf at handover, providing final quality control for the home buyer.

Paul Corn the Director and Founder of Pty Ltd, has a motto for building work. "If it's right, it's right.  If it's not right, FIX IT."  and over 44 years in the building trade has seen him take quality building outcomes to a new height.

For all of the 44 years since Paul started out as a carpenter and joiner in Redcliffe Qld, he has been passionate about improving his trade. He doesn't believe in patching up mistakes or problems in building work, rather, he believes that if the work is not right, it may be necessary to pull it apart and fix it, but it must be FIXED.

When a new home buyer invests in a property, they are investing in something that has a huge financial impact and they are right to be emotional about it.

As a builder, Paul came to see that many clients allowed this emotion to cloud their understanding of what was acceptable and what was simply unacceptable mistakes or problems.  Often buyers see what they perceive as defects or imperfections where a builder sees common building practice or Standards.

There was no company they could call on to act as an independent and unbiased advisor at Handover.

As a result, Paul started Pty Ltd to fill the gap that was missing in the building industry.

We conduct an average of over 5000 house or unit inspections a year throughout Australia providing our certificate to state a house meets industry standards when it meets our criteria. In the event that the house doesn't meet our criteria, we speak to the builder on your behalf to request that the builder rectifies the areas we identify. Finally, we reinspect to ensure that the works agreed to have been completed to industry standard.

To talk to us about what we can do for you, please call 1300 131 041 or click to contact us.

We Find Construction Problems

Since inception we have inspected in excess of 60,000 houses or units.

We do an average of over 5,000 house or unit inspections a year nationally.

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